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Would you like to be on vacation all year round?


Then you are right with us! Our designs take you into dream worlds. They take you on adventurous excursions or relaxing short trips. Discover your next trip here:


Water, warm, wet. The call of an owl. Your body is slowly awakening. You stand in the middle of the jungle, a shimmer, a flutter, a chirp. A soaked leaf brushes your shoulder. There's steam in the bathroom, you dry yourself off. Take an astonished look back into the world you just discovered and you discover small uncommon beings between the leaves.

Whistling, you stroll down the freshly mown meadow and the dense forest. Every now and then you have to clear a path and wrestle your way through branches and leaves. You jump into the clear Lungensee, taste the ripe fruit on the roadside, climb over white rocks and look down into the wide open country.

The video has sound - adjust it in the lower right corner and hear the whole story.

You dance, enjoy, examine, marvel and laugh. You celebrate the femininity in you and embark on a pleasurable journey. You drift through warm shapes, algae leaves and artichoke flowers. Treat yourself to a refreshing bath in the bubbling springs, recharge your batteries in the morning sun and trust the rhythm.

You take off your shoes. Walk over round, sun-warmed pebbles. Wonderful shapes on a journey. Cool water flows around your ankles. Foaming waves transformed into glass for a mili moment. It flows, ripples, sounds and relaxes. Barefoot you take all your courage and jump into the crystal clear water.

He is in you always with you, your compass. You float on clouds and are illuminated by the sun and the stars. High up in the sky, you let yourself go. Live with the wind and weather of your mind.

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In the following video you can see six hands working on the same design and three heads thinking in different ways - always towards the common goal.

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