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The Chies red-brown rug by the Swiss design studio kollektiv vier is made from recycled jersey and is manufactured by a Swiss manufactory. With its nub structure, the carpet gives your feet a real experience. Each carpet is a hand-woven one-off. It is available in the size 55x70 cm.

Bath rug CHIES reddish brown

  • Material: 100% recycled cotton

    Size: 55cm x 70cm

    The rug was designed by kollektiv vier in Switzerland and is handwoven in a Swiss manufactory. As we work with recycled raw materials, the color palette may vary slightly. We try to keep the colors as true as possible.

    With its nub structure, the hand-woven «Chies» bath rug is a real treat for your feet.

    Learn more about the manufacturing process here.

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