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kollektiv vier Duschvorhang Garten Eden



The core of the design process of kollektiv vier is teamwork. Six hands work on the same design and three heads think in different ways towards the same goal. An approach that we have discovered for ourselves. This design and work strategy leads to amazing results and breaks our own structures. It is the driving force behind our work and leads us to a precise result.


We consciously choose sensible materials. One example of this is the materiality of our shower curtains. The organic cotton feels pleasant on the skin and guarantees a water-repellent function due to the coating.


We consciously choose the manufacturing technique and include its possibilities as a design element in the development process. An example of this is the relief effect, which we explore to the limit of technical feasibility when designing terry towels.


It is important to us that the products are manufactured to a high quality so that they become long-time companions. We select our partners carefully. Our goal is to produce as locally as possible, taking into account economic and qualitative arguments. 


Our products enrich your home by taking you into stubborn worlds, breaking through everyday life and ending it with adventurous excursions.

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