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kollektiv vier develops tailor-made concepts for you.

Wallpaper, curtains or foulard- we advise and create a tailor-made concept for your idea. We would be happy to discuss your project personally.


Tapeten für das MUKS

Für das Museum MUKS in Riehen haben wir eine Tapete fürs Entrée entworfen. Die Tapete nimmt die Geschichte des Raumes auf- den Gartensaal - und erzählt über den Inhalt des Museums - Kultur & Spiel. Zwischen den gestempelten Blumen und Blätter entdeckst du Sammelbilder aus dem Archiv des Museums. Die Bienen summen, der Kaffee kocht, Kinder purzeln vor Freude und exotische Vögel rufen dir zu: viel Spass beim Museumsbesuch!


Tailor-made wallpapers

Strolling over hills and meadows. I reach the quince tree at lunchtime. It is in full bloom, a fresh breeze is playing with the leaves and makes them dance. My gaze wanders over the landscape - there, a partridge! In the evening I lie down on straw bale and look up into the sparkling cornflower sky. What a beautiful day!


We developed three customized wallpapers for a newly built apartment in the barn of an Appenzell house.




Foulard Unique

We had the chance to let our creativity run free. For three extraordinary women we designed three individual silk bijoux on the base of their favourite flowers. 


"I love white roses, callas and forget-me-nots."

Marie-Louise, 82 years


"Today it is geraniums, tomorrow the burning love and the day after tomorrow the centaury."

Babüs, 54 years old.


"I like orange orchids, pink lilies, and I prefer white roses."

Renaire, 49 years




Kanton 27 Copenhagen

Kanton 27 is a restaurant and event space, a platform for Swiss food and culture. We created five collages for the curtains of the culture place. The collages visualize Switzerland through the eyes and minds of kollektiv vier. 


The curtains allow the beholder to mind travel to Switzerland. They serve as room dividers and improve the acoustics. The curtains were printed by Creation Baumann in Langenthal.


This project was supported by the Kulturförderung Appenzell Ausserrhoden